Advisory Council

The Advisory Council is comprised of partner organizations whose mission is consistent with that of the Coalition and who share its values. These partners provide a variety of services and products that may be of benefit to organizations interested in Physician Well-Being. Brief descriptions are provided with links for those who wish to become better acquainted with these organizations.

Malcolm Herring

Malcolm Herring Consulting provides multi-point consultation with hospitals, clinics and practices that seek to foster spirituality and mission alignment in their medical staff. His mission is to help physicians find fulfillment in their work and to help patients find God in their healing.
Principal: Malcolm Herring, MD



Doug Wysockey Johnson

Lumunos provides a variety of programs designed to help physicians and health care employees re-energize their sense of calling, improve wellness, align with the hospital’s mission, and strengthen collaboration. Our services include consultation, facilitation, and retreat programming.
Principal: Doug Wysockey-Johnson

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Richard Bogue

Courageous Healthcare cultivates innovativeness to produce results for health care organizations and the people working in them. They provide leading edge solutions in transformational leadership and motivating language for managers and executives, in shared governance for nursing, and in self assessments for well-being, work-life satisfaction, and communication competencies for physicians and others.
Principal: Richard Bogue, PhD

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