August 2020

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  1. August 21st Webinar
  2. Recap of Annual Meeting
  3. Board Update
  4. Featured New Members
  5. Research Findings
  6. Clinicians’ Personal Stories about COVID-19

August 21st Webinar - Transdisciplinary Strategies for Professional Wellness


Presenter: Rachel Schwartz, PhD

Dr. Schwartz is a Research Scientist from Stanford University School of Medicine. In her webinar she will describe techniques professionals from diverse professions use to maintain well-being and translates these strategies into tools for physician wellness.

Register to attend: August 21st Coalition Webinar

Recap of Annual Meeting

From July 13 to July 15, the Coalition for Physician Well-Being succeeded in holding its first virtual annual meeting. The conference brought forth best practices for healthcare organizations supporting their clinicians through this pandemic. The conference covered the following objectives:
  • Highlight research, programs and initiatives developed to maintain provider well-being during COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Present a clear understanding of the importance of initiating similar programs or committee development to ensure physician/provider well-being.
  • Provides the knowledge and tools for leadership to create a plan to ensure well-being, mental health, communication and program development through a healthcare crisis/pandemic.
  • Understand the needs of physicians and healthcare teams during times of crisis/health pandemic, as well as the type of support necessary, following a pandemic.
  • Gain a better understanding of the impact on a team when co-workers are impacted by the pandemic they are all facing.

Our attendees represented thirty-two different organizations and connected with us from coast to coast in twenty-five states.

We hope you will be able to join us at next year's conference!

Board Update

Nancy Frick, MDiv, CFRE

The Coalition for Physician Well-Being is happy to introduce our newest board member,Nancy Frick. 

Nancy is a consultant with Loring Sternberg & Associates in Indianapolis,Indiana following nearly 14 years of service with the St. Vincent Hospital Foundation, most recently as Vice President Development, where she worked with donors and physicians to advance the vision and goals of St. Vincent through programs, services, technology and capital efforts. Nancy currently works with nonprofit organizations assisting them with fundraising and board development.

Featured New Members

Mary Jane Brown, MD, FAAEM (MJ) 

MJ is an emergency medicine physician who is on the faculty at University of Tennessee-Nashville, and she is a member of the medical staff at Ascension Saint Thomas Rutherford in Murfreesboro, TN. She is the chair of her hospital’s wellness committee and the faculty’s resident wellness champion. MJ completed a non-certificated course in spiritual direction in 2005 and is a Benedictine oblate.

MJ joined the Coalition of Physician Well-being at the suggestion of Dr. Loice Swisher with whom she has collaborated on the national wellness committees for the Council of Residency Directors in Emergency Medicine and the American Academy of Emergency Medicine. MJ is concerned about the mental health risks of the medical profession, and she fully supports the initiative for designating September 17 as National/Global Physician Suicide Awareness Day.

Amanda Cuda, MD, MPH (Mandy)

Mandy is a family physician who lives in the South Puget Sound area of Washington State. She loves cultivating growth, in fact, whether in a garden, in kids, or in adults. It is this growth orientation that she is most excited to experience through the Coalition for Physician Well-being. She was introduced to the coalition through Dianne McCallister, with whom she has worked at 98point6, and where she just finished serving as a medical director for about 2 years. She served in the military through her initial career and continues in the Army Reserves through her faculty position at the Uniformed Services University where she teaches and supports students, residents, and faculty in their “life in medicine”.

Research Findings

Do burnout and depressive symptoms form a single syndrome? Confirmatory factor analysis and exploratory structural equation modeling bifactor analysis by Renzo Bianchi. The author makes the case that “the burnout-depression distinction is untenable” and this misunderstanding of burnout can lead people to treat burnout less seriously than is appropriate. Read more...

Resilience and Burnout Among Physicians and the General US Working Population by Colin P. West, MD, PhD et al. The findings in this article suggest that, although maintaining and strengthening resilience is important, physicians overall do not have a deficit in resilience. The implication is that additional solutions, including efforts to address system issues in the clinical care environment, are needed to reduce burnout and promote physician well-being. Read more...

Preventing a Parallel Pandemic — A National Strategy to Protect Clinicians’ Well-Being by Victor J. Dzau, M.D., Darrell Kirch, M.D., and Thomas Nasca, M.D. In this article the authors stress the importance of taking responsibility for the well-being of clinician first responders to Covid-19 — now and in the long run. Calling for several immediate actions to lay the groundwork for a clear and accountable national strategy to safeguard the health and well-being of our clinician workforce. Read more...

Clinicians’ Personal Stories about COVID-19

How Doctors and Nurses Manage Coronavirus Grief - Interviews by Jillian Mock and Jen Schwartz

This article from Scientific American does a nice job of presenting different perspectives of front-line clinicians. It includes both transcripts and audio excerpts. Read more...

Message from the Editor

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