December 2020

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Coalition News

Call for Speakers:

We are now accepting speaker proposals for a limited number of general session presentations, breakouts and roundtables that provide original programs with reportable results, review of programs and cutting-edge solutions to further enhance physician well-being. Research on new programs and processes to support organizations during a pandemic (ie: COVID-19) and their impact will be of great interest as we continue to identify best practices. The deadline for submitting proposals is January 29, 2021. For more on content criteria and to apply:  Click here

Call for Abstracts:

The Coalition for Physician Well-Being will include a time to share innovative research or program development that pertains to the promotion of physician wellness and may address burnout issues. The intent of the posters will be to help other organizations as they continue to develop programs to address and prioritize physician wellness within our healthcare organization’s and within medical education. We invite you to participate as we continue to advocate for our clinicians. Please share with anyone you know of who would have an interest in attending our conference or participating in the poster sessions. For abstract submission information:  Click here

Updated Vision Statement

The Board for the Coalition for Physician Well-being has approved a new vision statement:

We envision an environment which promotes physician joy and wholeness in the compassionate service of healing.

Monthly Webinar

No webinar scheduled for December.

Please join us on January 15th, when we will have Kelly Bastion, FNP-C present "Remembering Who We Are." As we enter into a fresh new year, Kelly will share ways to reconnect with our calling as well as tools to remember who we are, why we are here, and how to stay here with meaning, clarity, and optimism.  Register Now!

New Podcast Episodes

Barbara Hernandez, PhD is the founding director of the Office of Physician Vitality which she has led since 2011. She began her career as an ICU nurse, while becoming a licensed marriage and family therapist and behavioral health educator. Her clinical background includes private and group practice, therapist trainee supervision, and training clinic directorships. Loma Linda University Health was recognized for excellence in its support of physician well-being under her leadership as a recipient of the Medicus Integra award from the Coalition in 2016.  

Herb Schumm, MD is a family physician by training and an administrator by experience. For 11 years before becoming a healthcare executive, he had a busy private practice that included obstetrics.  He then served for 15 years as the Vice President of Medical Affairs at St. Rita’s Health Partners. In fall of 2012, he became President of St. Rita’s Professional Services, and in 2016 he moved into a new role leading provider professional development for Mercy Health, now Bon Secours Mercy Health.  

Information on each of the prior episodes can be found on our website (click here) and you can download any of the episodes on whichever app you might normally use to listen to podcasts.

Academic Articles: Doctors in Training

A Curriculum to Increase Empathy and Reduce Burnout

In an effort to improve empathy, a residency program created a 9-session curriculum for 27 interns that included improvisational theatre techniques, act museum activities, and mindfulness awareness techniques. The pilot program appears to have been successful in reducing the decline of empathy and well-being that is often seen during internship. Read more

Small-Group Discussion Sessions on Imposter Syndrome

A residency program provided internal medicine residents with a facilitator-guided, interactive discussion session on the topic of imposter syndrome as part of a larger series of discussion sessions on resident wellness. They found that discussing imposter syndrome was perceived as an effective intervention for promoting resident wellness and resiliency.  Read more

A Longitudinal Study of Burnout and Well-being in Family Medicine Resident Physicians

The objective of this study was to follow family medicine resident physicians’ well-being throughout residency. Burnout levels peak after the first year of residency and remain high through graduation.  Interestingly, emotional intelligence was lower at graduation than at the start of residency. Increased levels of burnout risk at graduation were negatively associated with emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and gratitude.  Read more

Designing a Yoga Intervention Program to Improve Well-Being for Physician Trainees: Challenges and Lessons Learned

Overall, this pilot study revealed that physician trainee participation in an institutional yoga activity was highest when the activity was required and took place during protected time. This 4-week yoga program did not significantly alter overall self-reported well-being per the seven-question RPWBI, but this instrument may have limited utility for measuring group-level changes in well-being resulting from a short yoga intervention.  Read more

Thank you to Rachel Schwartz, PhD for her help in selecting this month’s research articles.

Other Resources


Building My Village: A Woman’s Guide Through a Career in Medicine edited by Coalition Member Barbara Hernandez, PhD

Congratulations to Coalition member Barbara Hernandez on the recent publication of her book: Building My Village: A Woman’s Guide Through a Career in Medicine. She and collaborator Andrea Thorp, MD edited this collection of chapters that address unique issues to women physicians such as managing home life, the use of language and perception in medicine, the challenges and benefits of being married to non-physicians, climbing the career ladder and managing research agendas while raising families and nurturing personal relationships. Each evidence-based chapter includes personal anecdotes and recommendations.  Order here

Joy in Work: IHI’s Framework with New Supplement for Ideas Related to Coping In and After the Pandemic

This white paper is intended to serve as a guide for health care organizations to engage in a participative process where leaders ask colleagues at all levels of the organization, “What matters to you?” — enabling them to better understand the barriers to joy in work, and co-create meaningful, high-leverage strategies to address these issues. The guide published this year includes actionable ideas that leaders can quickly test during the coronavirus response, and which can build the longer-term foundation to sustain joy in work for the health care workforce.  Read more

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