January 2021
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  5. Physician Burnout Symposium - January 7-29
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2021 Annual Conference

Call for Speakers:

We are now accepting speaker proposals for a limited number of general session presentations, breakouts and roundtables that provide original programs with reportable results, review of programs and cutting-edge solutions to further enhance physician well-being. Research on new programs and processes to support organizations during a pandemic (ie: COVID-19) and their impact will be of great interest as we continue to identify best practices. The deadline for submitting proposals is January 29, 2021. For more on content criteria and to apply: Click here

Call for Abstracts:

The Coalition for Physician Well-Being will include a time to share innovative research or program development that pertains to the promotion of physician wellness and may address burnout issues. The intent of the posters will be to help other organizations as they continue to develop programs to address and prioritize physician wellness within our healthcare organization’s and within medical education. We invite you to participate as we continue to advocate for our clinicians. Please share with anyone you know of who would have an interest in attending our conference or participating in the poster sessions. For abstract submission information: Click here

 January 15th Webinar - Remembering Who We Are

Presenter:  Kelly Bastian, FNP-C 

Viewing our journey as healthcare providers as part of our spiritual path and purpose is fundamental and continuously evolving. This deep calling to help others can feel impossible in times of exhaustion and hopelessness, with the decision to leave healthcare too-often an unfortunate outcome. As we enter into a fresh new year, Kelly will share ways to reconnect with our calling as well as tools to remember who we are, why we are here, and how to stay here with meaning, clarity, and optimism. Register Now!

New Podcast Episode

Hala Sabry is an emergency medicine physician, a super mom of five children (including two sets of twins), and the founder of Physician Moms Group (the largest online support network for women physician mothers with over 115,000 members). She also offers high-performance coaching to professional women in male-dominated professions, and she works with health organizations to improve their recruitment and engagement practices to include more women. 

Information on each of the prior episodes can be found on our website (click here) and you can download any of the episodes on whichever app you might normally use to listen to podcasts.

Featured New Member

Scott Dexter, MD

Scott has been full time faculty at Albany Medical Center for 22 years in the division of Maternal-Fetal Medicine. He has recently started volunteering to counsel fellows. He has also joined the relatively new department of OB/GYN wellness committee. Scott hopes to learn meaningful ideas for contributing to the resident/fellow/faculty wellness. He is looking forward to his association with the coalition.

Physician Burnout Symposium - January 7-29


The Coalition is a sponsor of the Physician Burnout Symposium which will be held virtually from January 7-29, 2021. This event will share leading edge strategies to increase physician and nurse leader well-being. Our board chairman will also be a speaker at the event. Members of the Coalition can receive $100 off of registration to attend. Please login to the Coalition member site and select the member discounts tab to receive your discount code. www.physiciansymposium.com

Academic Articles

Assessment of Physician Sleep and Wellness, Burnout, and Clinically Significant Medical Errors

This cross-sectional study of 11,395 physicians demonstrated that "sleep-related impairment was associated with increased burnout, decreased professional fulfillment, and increased self-reported clinically significant medical error." Read more

Physician Task Load and the Risk of Burnout Among US Physicians in a National Survey

In a national study, this study found a correlation between the scores that US physicians received in a subjective assessment of workload (humansystems.arc.nasa.gov/groups/tlx/) and the level of burnout experienced by those physicians. Read more

Associations of Physicians’ Prescribing Experience, Work Hours, and Workload with Prescription Errors

A Medical Center screened their electronic health records for likely medical errors, and they found that erroneous orders were more frequent on shift when physicians had higher workloads or were working second or third successive shifts. They also found that errors were more common with medications for which the physicians lacked a significant prescribing history.  Read more

Building Community and Promoting Resilience for Trainees Who Identify as Women of Color Through an Original, Resident-Led Seminar Series

This paper describes a proof-of-concept pilot project to support the well-being of residents and fellows who have intersectional identities as women of color (WOC). The intervention included a 4-session seminar series designed to build community and promote resilience against burnout for this specific group.  Read more

Other Resources

ANA COVID-19 Video Educational Series

The American Nurses Association offers free videos that show how to successfully manage your mental health needs while caring for COVID-19 patients.  Read more

Whitepaper:  Safe to Return-What Healthcare Leaders Can Learn from Behavioral Health about Relieving Anxiety and Cultivating Stability

This white paper suggests how some behavioral health practices might be useful in improving the communication strategies that organization use to lessen the fears of clinicians, staff, and the community.  Read more

Virtual Course:  Diagnosis and Treatment for Physician Burnout Epidemic

This is a virtual learning course offered by the Greeley Company on January 22nd and 23rd.

Agenda:  View here

Registration:  Register here

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