Monthly Webinars

Monthly webinars cover a broad array of topics pertinent to understanding physician well-being. Each webinar is 60 minutes in duration by an acknowledged content expert. Webinars occur every third Friday of each month. Members have access to all archived webinars.

January 19 The ROI of Well Being, Liz Ferron and Susan Otten
February 16 EMR, Burnout and Where We Go From Here, Paul DeChant
March 16 CMS Works to Reduce the Physician Burden, Nancy L. Fisher
April 20 How Medicus Integra© Impacted Our Hospital; A Year Later, Gordon Kelly
May 18 Optimizing Patient Care: Physicians & Executives Teaming for Excellence, Ted Hamilton
June 15 Early Identification for Physician Suicide, Jan Donley and Anne Like
July 20 Healing and Cure, John Guarneri
August 17 Disaster-Improv: Making a Difference Under Pressure, Dan Diamond
September 21 The Role of Physician Leaders in Creating Joy in Medicine, John Stewart
October 19 Self Compassion, Krista Gregory
November 16                             Purposeful Retirement for Medical Practitioners: Redefining Retirement as a Spiritual Journey, Rachel Forbes Kaufmann
December 21 No Webinar Scheduled - Happy Holidays!