Monthly Webinars

Monthly webinars cover a broad array of topics pertinent to understanding physician well-being. Each webinar is 60 minutes in duration by an acknowledged content expert. Webinars occur every third Friday of each month (except in the month of July). Members have access to all archived webinars.

January 17 A Systems Approach to Clinician Wellbeing: The NAM Report, Christine Cassel
February 21 Uncovering Hidden Sources of Strength and Resilience: Embodied Knowledge and Generative Workplaces, Melissa Peet
March 20 Imposter Syndrome and Physician Burnout, Nicole Swiner
April 17 Safeguarding Resilience and Curbing “Burnout Hysteria” During Uncontrollable Times, Wayne Sotile
May 15 Female Physicians, Burning Out Faster and Harder - Why Physician Life Coaching is Changing Lives, Errin Weisman
June 19 Medicus Integra - Does It Really Help?, Dianne McCallister
July 24 Accepting Vulnerability, Darrell G. Kirch
August 21 Does Collaboration Mean Better Care?, Richard Bogue
September 18            Virtual Lounge & Virtual ScribeJim Korman
October 16 Shame and Self Compassion, Will Bynum IV
November 20 Physicians Aren't the Only Ones; Burnout in Other Occupations, Rachel Schwartz
December 18 No Webinar Scheduled - Happy Holidays!