September 2020

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  1. September 18th Webinar - Developing Community thru the Virtual Physician Lounge
  2. Board Update
  3. Featured New Board Members
  4. Dr. Lorna Breen Health Care Provider Protection Act
  5. ACGME Well-Being Resources
  6. A Potential Roadmap for Optimizing EHRs for Clinician Well-being
  7. Research article: Do occupational burnout, depressive symptoms, career satisfaction, and work-life integration differ by physician race/ethnicity?
  8. Next Year’s Annual Meeting

September 18th Webinar - Developing Community thru the Virtual Physician Lounge


Presenter: James R. Korman, PsyD, ACT

Dr. Korman will share the reasoning behind developing a virtual physician lounge long before COVID-19 thru the utilization of a social media platform. The goal of this initiative was to attempt to create a sense of community and support similar to the in-person physically located physician lounge.

Discussion Points:
  • The platform utilized and its functionality
  • How it was rolled out and adopted
  • It’s use during the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • The response from physicians
  • Lessons and takeaways

Register to attend: September 18th Coalition Webinar

Board Update

  • The Coalition Board is formulating a "case for funding" in preparation for extramural grant applications and welcomes stories about how Coalition work has affected lives and institutions. Send your story to [email protected].
  • The Program Committee is beginning to plan the themes for our next Annual Meeting. If you have ideas, please send them to [email protected].

Featured New Members

Walter Mills MD, MMM, CPE

Dr. Walt Mills is the Designated Institutional Official/Director of Medical Education at UCSF Natividad in Salinas, clinical professor in the UCSF Department of Family and Community Medicine, and immediate past president of the California Academy of Family Physicians. He is a certified meditation instructor and founded the Northern California Center for Well-being in 1994. He co-taught “Finding Balance in Medicine” in the UCSF Northern California Faculty Development Fellowship, has presented regionally and nationally on physician well-being, and last year co-authored “Faculty and Resident Well-Being” for AAFP’s Residency Criteria for Excellence. Currently, his interest is in systems approaches to improving physician wellness and leveraging the ACGME’s Clinical Learning Environment Review Well-being’s required pathways to excellence to transform resident education and the culture of medicine to one where joy in practice is the norm.

Glen B. Garner, MD, FACS

Dr. Glen Garner has been in the role of Vice President, Chief Medical Officer for approximately 2 ½ years over 2 hospitals within the Memorial Hermann Health System (MHHS) in Houston, Texas. Through his participation in The Academy GE Fellowship Program, he has undertaken a project to measure physician burnout within his healthcare organization. He began this work last year, and it was during his attendance at the previous Coalition for Physician Well-Being conference in Chicago that he met the AMA's Dr. Sinsky. MHHS is now partnering with the AMA to administer a physician wellness survey. Glen looks forward to membership in the Coalition, and he has the goal of understanding more about physician wellness and burnout. He also wants to build relationships and network with national experts who can provide insights and direction into what a large healthcare organization's physician wellness program could be.

Dr. Lorna Breen Health Care Provider Protection Act

There appears to be bipartisan support for legislation that attempts to address physician burnout. This legislation aims to reduce and prevent suicide, burnout, and mental and behavioral health conditions among healthcare professionals. Read more...

ACGME Well-Being Resources

ACGME has developed a number of new resources related to physician well-being including a podcast, an app, and a video workshop. Click here to access these free resources. 

They also have a guidebook for promoting physician well-being during the COVID-19 pandemic. Download Guidebook

A Potential Roadmap for Optimizing EHRs for Clinician Well-Being

In this article from the National Academy of Medicine it outlines several actions organizations can take to reduce the contribution that EHRs make toward physician burnout. Read more...

Do occupational burnout, depressive symptoms, career satisfaction, and work-life integration differ by physician race/ethnicity?

This research article surprisingly concludes that physicians in minority racial/ethnic groups were less likely to report burnout compared with non-Hispanic White physicians. The authors suggest that there is a need for additional research to not only confirm the results but also to elucidate the factors or mechanisms that might underlie the observed pattern. Read more...

Next Year’s Annual Meeting

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