COVID-19 — Message from Our Chairman

Friends and colleagues, as we find ourselves in unique times of newness and uncertainty, it is important to take a moment to catch your breath and reflect on your well-being. To all healthcare workers, we commend you for your selfless service and daily sacrifices to keep our community safe. We exhort all of our healthcare providers to remember to take care of themselves during these stressful times so that they can cross the finish line of what can sometimes seem like a marathon. To our fellow friends and neighbors, please continue to follow safe practices and guidelines as we overcome this challenge together. And to all others who show up to work to help us get the resources we need, we thank you. Our prayers go out to each and every one of you. 

— Dr. Ted Hamilton

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Stay better connected and engaged as we continue to support well-being for our institutions. As a benefit to our members, you will have access to the member directory and archived webinars. In addition, the opportunity to connect and interact with others regarding specific programming will be at your fingertips! All other features including COVID-19 resources and the annual conference information will be made available to the public.

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Transforming the Heart of Practice

This unique, step-by-step guide offers a comprehensive exploration of burnout and physician well-being, a vital issue that steadily has become widely discussed in the professional and mainstream press. More than twenty chapter authors contribute to this multidimensional volume, including physicians, psychologists, researchers, healthcare administrators, chaplains, professional coaches, and counselors. 

Offers information based on first person experience that can serve as a useful focus for conversation in groups meeting to explore and build physician well-being programs and for conversation among practitioners participating in physician well-being. Order your copy today:  Springer 

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Medicus Integra© Award

Medicus Integra
The Medicus Integra© Award denotes formal recognition of hospitals and healthcare institutions that demonstrate significant, purposeful, ongoing 
commitment to the well-being of physicians.

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