Medicus Integra© Awardees 2017

Congratulations to Medicus Integra© Awardees!

The Medicus Integra© Award officially launched at the Annual Conference of the Coalition for Physician Well-Being in April, 2015.  Each organization demonstrates strong commitment to physician well-being, as evidenced by executive support, resource allocation, and creative programming.  The following narrative acknowledges the outstanding accomplishment of each organization and highlights particularly noteworthy programs and initiatives.

Shawnee Mission Medical Center

The Shawnee Mission Medical Center (SMMC), a 376-bed community hospital located in Shawnee Mission, Kansas, is operated by Adventist Health System (AHS).  SMMC is a pioneer in the organized facility approach to physician well-being.  SMMC receives notable recognition for the following initiatives:

  • Physician recognition through a thank you note station in physician lounge.  A program where physicians write thank you notes to other physicians, then delivered to the provider by the medical staff office, enhancing collegiality and engagement
  • Established Physician Well-being Committee to focus on physician social events, peer support and support services
  • Peer Support Program for all new medical staff
  • A strong dyad leadership structure is in place
  • Strong Administrative/Medical Staff Relationship that focuses on transparency and involvement through strategic planning.

St. Vincent Medical Group

St. Vincent Medical Group (SVMG), is a multi-specialty physician group with approximately 1,500 physicians Indiana.  SVMG is supported by Saint Vincent Hospital.

SVMG is particularly strong, mature, unique in many of their program elements.  SVMG receives notable recognition for the following initiatives:

  • Mission Formation, a particularly strong element of onboarding and ongoing development within the organization, with regularly scheduled retreats to highlight mission and spirituality.
  • Life Centered Mentoring (LCM), a three year medical staff intervention project offered during orientation.  The program consists of peer coaching designed to reduce/prevent professional burnout.
  • Physician Formation & Steering Committee, where members work to improve the well-being of physicians; develop community and support SVMG ministry.
  • A well-organized approach to onboarding physicians new to the organization, with strong exposure to mission and physician formation.
  • Code of Conduct, a well-developed code of conduct that clearly described both desirable and inappropriate behavior including the process to deal with breach of professionalism through the dyad management system.
  •  Governance and management, the SVMG board of directors is made up almost entirely of physicians, representing primary care and major clinical specialties.
  • Dyad leadership, teaming up executives and physician leaders in operational management of the organization at every level.

Park Ridge Health


Park Ridge Hospital (PRH) is a 98-bed community hospital located in Hendersonville, North Carolina, operated by Adventist Health System (AHS). 

PRH continues to strengthen their well-being program and has received noteworthy acknowledgements for the following initiatives:

  • Engagement of the Medical Staff in Creating a Culture of Wellbeing with a robust Physician Wellbeing Committee
  • Transparency in the Administrative/Medical Staff Relationship
  • Structured program that assigns administrative leaders to round on assigned physicians quarterly, building relationships and obtaining feedback
  • Established Mentoring Program
  • Friends in Medicine Program
  • Quarterly Medical Staff Events which include Physician Wellbeing
  • Collaboration with Community Resources (e.g. the local medical society) to provide resources that exceed the capacity of the hospital alone, including Physician Support Services with psychologists in the community


For more information or to apply for the Medicus Integra© Survey, please contact DeAnna Santana at 407-357-2153.