The Healer
Peace, Prayers, and Promises

Here is help for getting back to health! When you or someone you love struggles with a health crisis, finding encouragement, hope and strength are essential. This devotional is written specifically to help you in your journey to physical health and wholeness. This is an ideal gift for anyone experiencing an illness of any kind. The thoughts and meditations contained within these pages will lift your soul and take you on a spiritual journey that intersects faith and hope. Each devotional thought is taken from one of the Gospels, written for patients or their caregivers walking into a doctor's office, at home, or lying in a hospital bed. Through these devotional writings you will encounter everyday life moments that resonate with your own life experience of living, of illness and of healing. All twenty-six healing miracles of Jesus are included. Accept the invitation to read the scriptures that accompany each chapter and you will have read the Gospels of Luke and John in their entirety. The Healer is just what the doctor prescribed.

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Physician Well-Being During Sustained Crisis
Defusing Burnout, Building Resilience, Restoring Hope

With timely content geared towards physician leaders at every level, our new book offers recommendations and practical solutions for combating the negative effects of burnout while providing the tools necessary for building resilience and restoring hope. Here is a summary that outlines the book in greater detail. Read more

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Sneak Peek Chapters:


Transforming the Heart of Practice

This unique, step-by-step guide offers a comprehensive exploration of burnout and physician well-being, a vital issue that steadily has become widely discussed in the professional and mainstream press. More than twenty chapter authors contribute to this multidimensional volume, including physicians, psychologists, researchers, healthcare administrators, chaplains, professional coaches, and counselors. 

Offers information based on first person experience that can serve as a useful focus for conversation in groups meeting to explore and build physician well-being programs and for conversation among practitioners participating in physician well-being. 

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Building My Village: A Woman’s Guide Through a Career in Medicine

This book emerged from numerous conversations between Barbara Hernandez, Director of Physician Vitality, and Tammi Thomas, Dean at Loma Linda University School of Medicine. We know that leadership looks different on men and women, and that using the same manner of speaking yields very different responses depending on gender. The literature is quite clear that even in dual-physician households, the woman performs at least eight more hours in childcare and home management responsibilities than her male partner. In spite of a very large body of literature that quantifies these gender difference in medicine, the literature is scant regarding how women physicians are dealing with these things.

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