Medicus Integra© Awardee 2018


AMITA Health Adventist Medical Center Hinsdale (Hinsdale) and AMITA Health Adventist Medical Center La Grange (La Grange) are part of a joint operating company formed in 2015 with Adventist Health and Alexian Brothers with 9 hospitals across Illinois. La Grange and Hinsdale are located less than 20 minutes and nearly 3 miles from one another, sharing their medical staff and medical staff leadership across two licenses.

AMITA Health La Grange is a 196-bed community hospital and AMITA Health Hinsdale is a 261-bed community hospital.

Through leadership changes and joint ventures, these two facilities have shown resilience and continue to focus on improving culture amongst the medical staff.

AMITA Health Hinsdale and La Grange Medical Centers

AMITA Health Hinsdale and La Grange receives notable recognition for the following initiatives:

  • Established Physician Well-Being Steering Committee that has been in place for a decade
  • A variety of physician gatherings with multiple venues and types of experiences to meet the needs of the diversity of the medical staff
  • Funding a counseling service that is available for the medical staff
  • Physician Arts program which features physicians artwork in the physicians lounge 
  • Gratitude baskets – these baskets are located in the physician lounges, giving medical staff the opportunity to write thank you notes to fellow physicians or staff members
  • Opportunities to participate in mission trips both local and abroad
  • Value awards are given to physicians who exhibit the organization’s values
  • A Physician Advisory Council, allowing physicians and administrators a forum to discuss issues