August 2021

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  4. New Book Available -  Physician Well-Being During Sustained Crisis 
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2021 Annual Conference 

We were so happy to see many of you during our live virtual conference and truly appreciate your engagement throughout. Please use the below link and information for your access to the recorded presentations and slides.

LMS link:  https://cpwb.mclms.net/en/
Username:  Email address
Password:  Created at time of registration

Please remember to save-the-date for our 12th annual conference. We hope to see you there!

August 20th Webinar - Healing the Clinical Workplace to Promote Professional Fulfillment

Speaker: Paul DeChant, MD, MBA

The problem with burnout is the workplace, not the worker. Dr. DeChant will explain the connections between the drivers and manifestations of burnout and describe how you can design a plan to address the drivers of burnout unique to your organization.

Free Webinar: Healing the Clinical Workplace to Promote Professional Fulfillment Register now! 

2022 Webinar Topics and Speakers Sought

If you have attended any of our webinars on the third Friday of each month, you know what a valuable resource they are as we seek to explore topics around physician well-being. We are currently building out our 2022 webinar schedule and need your help. If you have any speakers featured or topics covered, please fill out the following form by clicking here. 

The Well-Being Connector

 Rocio Hurtado, MD

Dr. Rocio Hurtado is a practicing Infectious Disease physician at the Massachusetts General Hospital who also works as an executive and wellness coach. She particularly enjoys helping busy physicians learn how to redesign their careers as well as better negotiate what they want.   

Information on each of the prior episodes can be found on our website (click here) and you can download any of the episodes on whichever app you might normally use to listen to podcasts.

New Book: Physician Well-Being During Sustained Crisis

The Coalition for Physician Well-Being is excited for the release of its new book, Physician Well-Being During Sustained Crisis. With timely content geared towards physician leaders at every level, our new book offers recommendations and practical solutions for combating the negative effects of burnout while providing the tools necessary for building resilience and restoring hope. For more information and to order click here.


Promoting the Psychological Well-Being of Healthcare Providers Facing the Burden of Adverse Effects: A Systematic Review of Second Victim Support Resources 

This systematic review of 12 second victim support programs identifies staff benefits and implementation challenges in providing support to clinicians involved in an adverse event. It also discusses the experiences of peer supporters. Read more

Prevalence and Correlates of Stress and Burnout Among U.S. Healthcare Workers During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A National Cross-Sectional Survey Study

20,947 healthcare workers from 42 organizations responded to this survey aimed at understanding which healthcare workers demonstrated the most signs of stress during the COVID-19 crisis. The study found that stress scores were the highest among nursing assistants, medical assistants, social workers, inpatient workers, women, and persons of color. The results also demonstrated that stress is related to workload, and it is lower in those who feel valued. Read more

Pediatric Residents' Sense of Meaning in Their Work: Is This Value Related to Higher Specialty Satisfaction and Reduced Burnout? 

This survey surveyed residents in a large pediatric program to better understand what leads to career satisfaction vs. burnout. It makes the case that to promote well-being, it is not enough to consider the stressors that residents are experiencing. Efforts to improve resident wellness should also focus on interventions that foster meaning in work such as efforts to promote team cohension and autonomy in job design. Read more

Physicians Report That Organizational and Technology Changes Are Among the Biggest Burnout Factors

An EHR company conducted a survey among 799 physicians who used a variety of EHR vendors and found that technological and organizational changes - such as mergers and acquisitions - are among the biggest stressors for physicians. Read more

Association of Burnout With Emotional Coping Strategies, Friendship, and Institutional Support Among Internal Medicine Physicians 

This survey of 337 internal medicine physicians studied factors that affect well-being. It indicates that internal factors such as grit, acceptance, active coping, positive reframing, and strategy planning were correlated with lower burnout and greater compassion satisfaction while denial, disengagement, self-blame, substance abuse and venting were more common in those who appeared to not be doing so well. External factors that appeared to be protective included greater institutional support and friendships. Read more

Lower Likelihood of Burnout Among Family Physicians From Underrepresented Racial-Ethnic Groups

This study indicated that underrepresented family physicians were less likely than non-underrepresented ones to report emotional exhaustion and depersonalization. Read more

Effect of Burnout Among Physicians on Observed Adverse Patient Outcomes: A Literature Review

This study examined the relationship between physician burnout and observed adverse patient outcomes by reviewing the literature.  It found 11 studies that met its criteria and of those four demonstrated a clear significant relationship and six did not (the results of one study was mixed).  This topic is difficult to study, but it appears to be receiving increasing attention.  The following two articles also address this issue. Read more

What Happens When Clinician Burnout Enters the Patient Exam Room? 

This research was conducted by a market research firm so it may be getting more attention than a typical academic article. Its results indicate that clinician burnout is affecting the patient experience and could be one of the long-term costs of the pandemic. Read more

Critical Care Nurses’ Physical and Mental Health, Worksite Wellness Support, and Medical Errors

This survey of 771 critical care nurses found nurses with poor physical or mental health reported making more medical errors than their healthier counterparts. Read more

Other Resources

HHS Announces $103 Million From American Rescue Plan to Strengthen Resiliency and Address Burnout in the Health Workforce

It is great to see resources being committed to our cause.  If any reader of this newsletter is applying for this award and would like support from the Coalition or its members, please reach out to us so we can see what we can do for you. Read more

Organizational Cost of Physician Burnout 

When making the case for addressing physician well-being, it is worth quantifying the financial implications of a distressed healthcare workforce.  This online calculator from the AMA may be very helpful in doing so. Read more

Amazon Smile Donations

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