February 2022

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  2. New Tiered Membership Options
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2022 Annual Conference — Early Bird Registration Now Open!


Please consider joining us for the Joy & Wholeness Summit, our 12th Annual Conference, being held in-person on July 27-29, 2022 at the beautiful Four Seasons Hotel in Denver, Colorado.

Our boutique conference experience is held expressly to share tools and resources that will enhance physician well-being and help combat physician burnout.  Via this live event, our speakers will provide insight to help clinicians and healthcare systems with content addressing business and quality, culture, resilience and learning. Opportunities to network, share, and learn are in generous supply.

Our mission is to promote meaning, purpose and joy in the practice of medicine. Please join us in Denver this July. Don’t miss out!

$675 – non-members (early bird price thru 3/31)
$575 – member price (early bird price thru 3/31)

$500 – GME residents**

PRE-CONFERENCE FEE: $150 – each session(specialty tracks take place concurrently)

  • Women Physicians: Addressing issues that women in medicine face daily
  • GME: Physician well-being program requirements

All registration and lodging information can be found in full here.

Abstract Submissions for Poster Presentations are due February 15, 2022.
Sponsor/Exhibitor Submissions should be submitted before April 30, 2022.

Learn more and register now at

*Non-member fee increases to $775 on April 1st. Member fee increases to $675 on April 1st.

**GME Resident fee is not subject to early bird discount nor registration to pre-conferences.

New Tiered Membership Options

As you may already know, The Coalition for Physician Well-Being is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. We depend heavily on membership dues, sponsorships, and donations to execute our Mission “ To promote meaning, purpose and joy in the practice of medicine.” In an effort to make the vital resources of The Coalition more accessible, we are introducing new Tiered Membership Pricing.

Individual Membership Tiers now being offered:

Professional - $300 Annual
GME Resident - $150 Annual
Medical Student - $50 Annual 

We hope you will take a moment to share this good news with those in your network that could benefit from such a Membership price, and continue to share with your colleagues about all of the good work we are doing.  As always, THANK YOU for continuing to support The Coalition!

February 18th – Free Live Webinar

Pennie Sempell, JD

Dr. Marlon Robinson
Director of Pastoral Care, AdventHealth Manchester and Adjunct Faculty of Distance Education, Department of Health and Biomedical Sciences, AdventHealth University

The COVID-19 Game Changer – The Psychology of Hope

This webinar explores the psychology of hope as a game changer to mitigate the adverse psychological impact of COVID-19. The current presentation covers the potential impact of COVID-19 on hope, the psychological strengths of hope, and strategies for living in hope.

About the Speaker

Dr. Marlon Robinson is a Clinical Fellow and Approved Supervisor of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. He is also a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Board Approved Supervisor, Ordained Minister, and a Board-Certified Chaplain. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in Religion and a Master of Divinity from Northern Caribbean University and Andrews University, respectively. He received both a Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy in Marriage and Family Therapy from St. Mary’s University of San Antonio.

The Well-Being Connector Podcast

Season 2, Episode 7
February 7, 2022
Mark T. Hughes, MD, MA

About the Speaker

Mark T. Hughes, MD, MA is an Assistant Professor of Medicine in the Division of General Internal Medicine and a core faculty member of the Johns Hopkins Berman Institute of Bioethics. He sees patients as a primary care physician and as an inpatient consultant in palliative medicine.  Since soon after the start of the pandemic, Mark has been co-facilitating an online session for health care workers entitled Moral Resilience Rounds.
Information on each of the prior episodes can be found on our website (click here) and you can download any of the episodes on whichever app you might normally use to listen to podcasts.

In the News

Health care workers deserve better

This is political cartoon worth looking at.  Perhaps, it could describe it in 1000 words, but there is no point to that. Read more

Despite Burnout, These California Health Care Workers Aren’t Quitting

This article concludes that although healthcare providers are suffering from burnout, many "don’t want to let down their co-workers or abandon their patients. They want to combat misinformation, administer Covid-19 vaccines and, as much as possible, help others." Read more

Burnt-out physicians are underappreciated casualties of COVID-19

The doctor in this article discusses the stresses that led her to stop practicing, and she points out that she is not alone. Read more

Stressed Nurses Wonder: How to Quit a Job When It’s Your Calling?

This is another article describes conflicting feelings clinicians have between pursuing their careers and taking care of themselves. Read more

Doctors Telling Their Omicron Stories 

A collection of quotations from physicians describing their struggles dealing with the COVID crisis. Read more

Nurses get spit on, kicked, assaulted. Stop hurting us. We are here to help you.

Medical misinformation doesn't only hurt those who end up getting bad care. It can promote distrust and anger toward clinicians. Read more


Medscape Physician Lifestyle & Happiness Report 2022

Medscape surveyed over 10,000 physicians to learn more about their well-being and what they are doing about it. Read more *You will need a subscription to access this article.*

Understanding Perceived Appreciation to Create a Culture of Wellness

Using two open-ended response questions, the researchers at a large academic medical center reviewed survey results from 179 faculty in psychiatry, emergency medicine, internal medicine, thoracic surgery, and radiology in order to better understand the major drivers of physicians feeling appreciated or not feeling appreciated.  They conclude "Opportunities to improve perceived appreciation include structured communication of patient gratitude, community building programs, top of licensure initiatives and accountability for physician wellness, and inclusivity efforts from organizational leaders." Read more

Effects of Persistent Exposure to COVID-19 on Mental Health Outcomes Among Trainees: a Longitudinal Survey Study

A longitudinal survey of all 136 physician trainees at an academic medical center demonstrated an increase in stress, anxiety, and burnout with longer exposures to patients being tested for COVID-19. Read more

Understanding Physician Work and Well-being Through Social Network Modeling Using Electronic Health Record Data: a Cohort Study

Using electronic medical record data, well-being surveys, and social network modeling, this study of 188 primary care physicians examined inbasket messaging data to identify factors associated with physician well-being. The results imply that those who are more successful at getting support from their non-physician team members tend to demonstrate a higher level of well-being. Read more

Changing self-concept in the time of COVID-19: a close look at physician reflections on social media

This paper "set out to collate and thematically analyze social media posts containing first-person physician reflections on how COVID-19 affected their lives and their coping mechanisms." The results indicates a few different themes: personal distress, disturbed patient care, family concerns, reactions by their institutions, society's response, and their coping mechanism. The authors then used "The Ring Theory of Personhood" to explain how COVID-19's impact on physician personhood. Read more

Effect of a Novel Mindfulness Curriculum on Burnout During Pediatric Internship: A Cluster Randomized Clinical Trial

It is tempting to only report on initiatives that work, but it is commendable that these authors reported on an initiative that did not appear to have a significant beneficial effect on promoting physician well-being. Of course with other studies showing the opposite result, further study is needed to understand what makes a program successful. Read more

Other Resources

Wellness-Centered Leadership: Equipping Health Care Leaders to Cultivate Physician Well-Being and Professional Fulfillment

This article proposes a new integrative model of Wellness-Centered Leadership (WCL) designed to "cultivate leadership behaviors that promote engagement and professional fulfillment. The 3 elements of WCL are: care about people always, cultivate individual and team relationships, and inspire change."  Read more

Mindfulness and Motivation: A Process View Using Self-determination Theory

This paper links mindfulness and motivation, and it explains how mindfulness may lead to feelings of well-being though helping people be in touch with their autonomous motivations.  Unfortunately, the benefits to mindfulness may not apply to action which are predominately externally motivated. Read more

The Happy MD Spring Retreat

Dike Drummond, MD is hosting a virtual spring retreat April 21-24 to help physicians become wellness champions. Read more

Physician Well-Being During Sustained Crisis

The Coalition for Physician Well-Being is excited for the release of its new book, Physician Well-Being During Sustained Crisis. With timely content geared towards physician leaders at every level, our new book offers recommendations and practical solutions for combating the negative effects of burnout while providing the tools necessary for building resilience and restoring hope. For more information and how to order, click here.

“Timely and relevant insight to add to the clinicians “tool kit” for self-care.”

- Christopher T Conti, MD, Chief Medical Officer, FAITHWorks Wellness Group
5 out of 5 stars – highly recommend

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