January 2022

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2022 Annual Conference — Call for Speakers, Abstracts & More


And just like that, we are back! Our 12th Annual Joy & Wholeness Conference will take place July 27-29, 2022 at the Four Seasons Hotel in Denver, Colorado. We are now accepting submissions for Speakers, Abstracts, Sponsors and Exhibitors!⠀

Speaker Submissions are due January 31, 2022.
Abstract Submissions are due February 15, 2022.
Sponsor/Exhibitor Submissions are first come, first served, and should be submitted before April 30, 2022.

Early Registration for Attendees opens February 1, 2022. Learn more and submit now at

January 21st – Free Live Webinar

Pennie Sempell, JD

Colin West, MD, PhD
Co-Director of the Mayo Clinic Program on Physician Well-Being

The Charter on Physician Well-Being: A Framework for Improving the Health Care Environment

In this webinar, we will discuss the development of the Charter on Physician Well-Being, its elements, and its role as a framework and reference point for efforts to improve the health care environment for both health care workers and patients.

The Well-Being Connector Podcast

This month's podcast also features an interview with Dr. Colin West of the Mayo Clinic by Dr. Michael Brown.

About the Speaker

Colin West, MD, PhD is currently Professor of Medicine, Medical Education, and Biostatistics at the Mayo Clinic. He directs the evidence-based medicine curriculum for the Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine and is Assistant Dean for GME Scholarship at Mayo. Dr. West's research has focused on medical education and physician well-being, and he is Co-Director of the Mayo Clinic Program on Physician Well-Being.
Information on each of the prior episodes can be found on our website (click here) and you can download any of the episodes on whichever app you might normally use to listen to podcasts.

Board News — Malcolm Herring Retires from Board

Malcolm Herring, MD is one of the founding members of the Coalition for Physician Well-Being, and after 12 years of outstanding service, he has decided to step down and make room for others on the board. Clearly, the Coalition would not be where it is today without Dr. Herring. We wish him the best in all his future adventures, and we feel blessed for all that he has done for us over the years. Thank you, Malcolm!

Upcoming Events

The Coalition is a proud sponsor of the Healthcare Burnout Symposium. We encourage your participation in this event that is packed with expert presenters sharing impactful content to help you support your organizations. Friends of the Coalition receive the following special discount code:  WELLBEING15. To register for the in-person or virtual sessions, visit

In the News

What's Driving the Pandemic's Health Care Exodus

"Today, On Point: Why health care workers are hurting — and leaving." Read more

How The Pandemic’s Doctor Burnout Plays Into CVS, Walgreens Provider Buyout Strategies

It is interesting that some companies see physician burnout as a strategic opportunity. I wonder if new entrant to the healthcare market will end up challenging established organizations that are not able to address the problem of physician burnout. Read more

Hospitals refused to prescribe ivermectin. Threats and lockdowns followed.

Physicians are in a difficult situation when some patients are angry and demanding unproven treatments. Read more

With Too Few Nurses, It Won’t Take Much to Overwhelm Hospitals This Winter

Healthcare is losing capacity as demand for services is increasing. That does not bode well for those remaining in the system. Read more

Litigation Culture Causing Burnout in American Physicians

With all that is going on with new stressors such as the pandemic, stressors that have been around for a while should not be forgotten. This short article discusses how litigation contributes to burnout. Read more


COVID-Related Stress and Work Intentions in a Sample of US Health Care Workers

In a survey that included 20,665 respondents at 124 institutions (median organizational response rate, 34%), researchers found that 1/5 physicians and 2/5 nurses have plans of leaving clinical practice within the next year, and a third of all providers have plans of reducing their hours. This is the kind of data that may lead some organizations to conclude that attention to staff well-being is a necessity for maintaining adequate staffing levels. Read more

Experiences of Work-Family Conflict and Mental Health Symptoms by Gender Among Physician Parents During the COVID-19 Pandemic

This cross-sectional national survey study of 7464 clinically active general surgery residents in the US was administered in conjunction with the 2018 American Board of Surgery In-Training Examination. It found that higher grit scores were associated with a lower likelihood of burnout, thoughts of attrition, and suicidal thoughts among general surgery residents. The two associated letters to the editor challenge the article's interpretation of the data. Link 1 Link 2 Link 3

Primary Care 2.0: A Prospective Evaluation of a Novel Model of Advanced Team Care With Expanded Medical Assistant Support

This quasi-experimental study hints that a team-based model of care may be associated with reduced burnout, but another conclusion one can draw is that providers with enhanced support may end up feeling better about their work. Read more

Gender and occupational role differences in work-related post-traumatic stress symptoms, burnout and global functioning in emergency healthcare workers

This study of 126 emergency healthcare workers from Italy examined the gender differences between how men and women react to stress of work. Read more

Drivers of Burnout Among Critical Care Providers: A Multi-Center Mixed Methods Study

This small multicenter study of 58 ICU providers implies that team-dynamics and hospital culture were most the prominent drivers of burnout in these providers. Read more

Female Physicians Earn An Estimated $2 Million Less Than Male Physicians Over A Simulated 40-Year Career

This study found significant differences in how much male and female physicians are paid even after adjusting for factors that may otherwise explain observed differences in income, such as hours worked, clinical revenue, practice type, and specialty. Read more

The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Mental Health, Occupational Functioning, and Professional Retention Among Health Care Workers and First Responders

An observational, self-report, single time-point online assessment of 510 healthcare workers and first responders with occupational duties affected by the COVID-19 pandemic demonstrates potentially treatable psychiatric symptoms impacting both wellbeing and the health care system. Read more

Other Resources

Obstacles to Physicians’ Emotional Health — Lessons from History

The concepts of medical exceptionalism, medicalization, and individual responsibility help explain how organizations have been allowed "to neglect structural problems, such as working hours and conditions, and to focus narrowly on individual blame."  Read more

We Are All Perfectly Fine: A Memoir of Love, Medicine and Healing

The author writes about her experiences as a physician dealing with the stresses that lead to burnout.  Read more Here is an op-ed by the same author: Read more

Physician Burnout, Interrupted

The author describes ideas for how a psychological theory used to understand intrinsic motivations can be applied by organizations to promote an environment that reduces the risk of physician burnout. Read more

8 doctors leading the charge in fighting physician burnout

The article provides a quick description of 8 doctors who have taken on various roles in working to combat physician burnout. Read more

New Book: Physician Well-Being During Sustained Crisis

The Coalition for Physician Well-Being is excited for the release of its new book, Physician Well-Being During Sustained Crisis. With timely content geared towards physician leaders at every level, our new book offers recommendations and practical solutions for combating the negative effects of burnout while providing the tools necessary for building resilience and restoring hope. For more information and how to order, click here.

Welcome New Team Members

Richie Akers
Business & Marketing Manager
Max Kuchenreuther
Social Media & Program Specialist

Please join us in welcoming our two newest members to the Marketing Team at the Coalition!

Richie Akers joined the Coalition in October 2021 as our new Business & Marketing Manager and hails from Cedar Rapids, IA. Max Kuchenreuther joined the Coalition at the end of November 2021 as our new Social Media & Program Specialist and hails from Winter Springs, FL.

We are so blessed to have them aboard!

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