November 2021

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 November 19th - Free Live Webinar

Donna Rovito
Kendra Harvey, MD
Donna Rovito
Editor of Physician Family Magazine
Kendra Harvey
Professional Life Coach and Neurosurgeon

 Webinar: How Burnout Affects Physician Families - and How Physician Families Can Help

During this webinar, Donna Rovito will provide snapshots of the most significant articles about this topic from Physician Family Magazine and their most important takeaways. AMA Alliance Physician Wellness Committee Chair Kendra Harvey will provide insights on how physician families can recognize warning signs and what they can do to help from the American Medical Association Alliance, the affiliate organization of the AMA devoted to physician families which will celebrate 100 years in 2022.

 The Well-Being Connector Podcast

Pennie Sempell, JD

Pennie Sempell, JD
CEO, StressPal

Pennie Sempell is the cofounder of StressPal, a Web-based, self-paced platform and peer-networking solution that uses concepts from mindfulness-based Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Cognitive Behavior Therapy to promote individual and team resilience.

Information on each of the prior episodes can be found on our website (click here) and you can download any of the episodes on whichever app you might normally use to listen to podcasts.

 Board Update: New Board Member

Robert Rodgers, MD
Robert Rodgers, MD
Chief Medical Officer of Senior CareAdventHealth

Dr. Robert Rodgers is a Family physician with over 28 years of experience, the last 21 of which have been with AdventHealth. He accepted the position of Chief Medical Officer of AdventHealth Senior Care, a new business unit focusing on full risk clinics for those 65 and older, in May of 2019. Dr. Rodgers is passionate about delivering high quality, whole person care within the AdventHealth faith-based system. He received his MD degree from Loma Linda University and then completed his residency training at what was then the Florida Hospital Orlando Family Medicine program. Dr. Rodgers has been married to his wife Cindy for 34 years now and they are blessed to have two adult children, Austin and Kelina, and have added Victoria as a daughter in law just prior to the COVID pandemic.

 Volunteer Opportunity

The member relations committee is now being led by Brittany Shoffner, and she would love to get additional members on her committee. The committee is responsible for:

  • Acquisition, Assimilation and Retention of Members
  • Identify Strategic Alliances with Organizations
  • Create, Promote and Endorse Affiliate and Associate Membership Categories

If you would like to learn more about becoming involved with this committee, you can contact Brittany directly at [email protected].

 Featured New Member

Robert Rodgers, MD

Jeff Cohn, MD
Chief Medical Advisor


Jeff is a former hematologist/oncologist and Chief Quality Officer. He is now working on two initiatives related to physician well-being. He is the Chief Medical Advisor for a company focused on improving clinicians’ workplace well-being through the sharing of emotions. He helped develop Hummin’ by participating in a human-centered design collaborative early in the pandemic. He is also a certified coach, and his coaching niche is supporting physicians, especially those who are contemplating or have transitioned from full-time clinical practice to something else. He believes there is a strong connection between fulfillment in one’s work and personal/professional well-being. Jeff is also a volunteer coach for Physicians’ Coach Support, a program where physicians who are certified coaches volunteer their time to provide free coaching sessions for physicians. He has a particular interest in leadership in the face of complex challenges, and he would love to meet others interested in this topic.

 Giving Tuesday

The Coalition for Physician Well-Being was founded in 2010, long before COVID-19 increased public awareness of physician burnout. For the past eleven years, we have continued our work to better understand the complexities of what physicians deal with, and how to mitigate the risk of losing hope and resilience. Our programs, conferences, and resources have educated and inspired, and we need YOUR support to keep doing this important work!

As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, The Coalition for Physician Well-Being depends on the generosity of donors, sponsors, and volunteers to further our mission. Although we will accept donations at any time, we hope you will consider supporting The Coalition on November 30th during the annual “Giving Tuesday” holiday. Your donation will be used to further our mission, expand the breadth of communications to our members and network, and help countless physicians via a roster of tools created specifically to instill wholeness and joy in the compassionate service of healing.

Thank you in advance for your consideration in making a tax deductible contribution to our mission. On behalf or our Board, Staff, and Volunteers, we gratefully thank you! 

 In the News

Almost 1 in 5 Health Care Workers Quit Their Jobs During COVID-19: Poll

Estimates may vary, but it is clear that clinician dissatisfaction is having a significant impact on the health system. Perhaps, as a consequence, the well-being of healthcare workers will become increasingly recognized as a priority. Read more

In Alaska’s Covid Crisis, Doctors Must Decide Who Lives and Who Dies

This article provides examples of some of the decisions that some physicians are forced to make during this pandemic. Read more

Operating at a Loss: Our Health Care System Depends on Physicians Donating Their Time

A young doctor discusses the stress of not being able to disconnect from work. Read more

Critical Care Doctors Are in Crisis

This paper is a summary of the negative effects the pandemic is having on ICU physicians. Read more


Helping Patients Connect Remotely with Their Loved Ones Modulates Distress in Healthcare Workers: A Tend-and-Befriend Hypothesis for COVID-19 Front Liners

This cross-sectional study was conducted involved 209 healthcare workers (nurses = 146; physicians = 63) engaged in the COVID-19 frontlines, and it shows the ability of patients to connect with love ones can sometimes increase or sometimes decrease the stress felt by providers. Read more

Analysis of Electronic Health Record Use and Clinical Productivity and Their Association with Physician Turnover

This retrospective cohort study that was conducted among 314 ambulatory physicians at a large ambulatory practice network evaluated the association of physician productivity and EHR use patterns, with physician turnover. Read more

Medscape Physician Nonclinical Careers Report 2021

This report demonstrates that one in five physicians are considering leaving their primary role in medicine to pursue a non-clinical career. Interestingly, the number one reason for making the change is burnout NOT related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more

[White Paper] Getting Ahead of Physician Turnover in Medical Practices Survey Results

This white paper sponsored by Jackson Physician Search and MGMA reports on a survey of 430 administrators and 181 physicians with qualitative interviews with several administrators and physicians. It attempts to acquire information regarding how administrators can work with physicians to build healthy working relationships that keep physicians engaged. One interesting finding was that the most important driver of physician organizational satisfaction was the physician’s two-way communication with their management/administration. Read more

Other Resources

Physician Well-being 2.0: Where Are We and Where Are We Going?

This article by Tait Shanafelt, MD outlines the changes in how we focus on wellbeing: from personal wellbeing to the systems, leaders and processes that impact physician wellbeing. It ends with a Call To Action that describes how we should act to accelerate this transition. Read more

Physician Wellbeing During the COVID-19 Pandemic: An Acute on Chronic Condition

Amanda Sandford and John Zupanic discuss the compassion fatigue that COVID pandemic superimposed on the underlying compassion fatigue and its somatic presentations in physicians. Read more

Well-Being in Academic Medicine

AAMC compiled and published a list of resources for wellbeing in their online newsletter that may be helpful. Read more

New Book: Physician Well-Being During Sustained Crisis


The Coalition for Physician Well-Being is excited for the release of its new book, Physician Well-Being During Sustained Crisis. With timely content geared towards physician leaders at every level, our new book offers recommendations and practical solutions for combating the negative effects of burnout while providing the tools necessary for building resilience and restoring hope. For more information and to order click here.

2022 Annual Conference

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